Chicken and Couscous Salad

Sometimes it’s easier to get family approval for charcoal cooking if you disguise it as salad.

“How abut a salad tonight?” See? Who could say no to that.

So this is a chicken and couscous salad with lots of nice vegies. It will serve four. The vegies can be done first so as not to interfere with the charcoal side of things.

I have a nice old le Creuset wok, very heavy cast iron, that does a great job.

In it I have stir-fried:
1 capsicum
1 bunch asparagus
2 onions
baby spinach
grape tomatoes

but use whatever you feel like – it’s hard to go too far wrong.

Remove these, then cook about 200g (dry weight) of couscous in the wok. Just follow the instructions but err on the side of less liquid, as there will be nice flavours and juices from the vegies to moisten it later, and you don’t want it gluggy.

Let the couscous sit there staying warm while you cook the chicken. Do that however you like; in this case I’ve used a faux-Portuguese style of marinade – just some lemon juice, sweet chili, paprika and a few herbs.

Back at the wok, warm it up again and use a flat wooden spatula to lightly stir the vegies in to the couscous. Roughly slice the chicken and spread that around by hand over the top, then stir that in very lightly.