Easter Chops and Sausages

The message of this post is simple.  Chops and sausages are better if you cook them on charcoal.

The thing to remember is that charcoal cooks slowly, and keeps things moist, so these chops that I’d do for a couple of minutes only on a gas hotplate were absolutely delicious after 15 mins over the charcoal.

The sausages – maybe 30 mins.

And expensive! These humble chops (er – lamb cutlets sorry) were per the Kilo the most expensive food I’ve cooked here except for the prawns.

I bought the best sausages I could find. A good sausage is worthy of respect, and there are many folk who seem to want to make them, so seek, buy, and enjoy.

Eat the chops with your fingers and wrap the sausages in bread. Nothing more is needed.


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